Developing First Line Leaders To Feel Secure In Themselves & Build Strong Relationships With Others

Who Is This coaching for?

I work with leaders of all levels but primarily those leaders in first line leadership positions. Those that have a monumental impact on the core team within the organisation. We are all leaders and by that I mean even in our personal world that form of self-leadership.

  • Stress
    It isn't a sign of capability. Stress which is not resolved can lead to much bigger problems. Yes, there is a certain level of stress for performance, but too much then it must be tackled
  1. Stress
  2. Overwhelm
  3. No direction
  4. Self Doubt
  5. Self-Confidence
  6. Mindset
  7. Self-Knowing
  8. Relationship Skills
  9. Communication
  10. Conflict Resolution
  11. Self-Esteem
  12. Time Management

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a journey between coach & coachee. It is a journey made through conversation raising awareness, diving deep and unlocking your potential. It is from a state of curiosity with a blend of challenge and support. The process is mine, the agenda is yours!

How Do I Know It Is Right For Me?

If you are someone who is open minded, looking to develop and reaching for growth then coaching will be aligned with your values. Coaching is really an experience, and I believe you have to truly experience it to understand it.

What Is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is working with the most important assets within your organisation…. The people. It is not looking to build the business directly, but focuses on the leaders and the people within the organisation.

What Is Personal Coaching?

Also known as life coaching is when we work on your personal life, away from the professional setting. I class this work as self-leadership. Leadership is about how we influence & serve others, so self-leadership is about how you influence your own thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Together we build the life you want.

Who Do you work with?

The clients I work with are primarily first level leaders who are in their first leadership roles and have future aspirations of working their way up the leadership ladder. However, I do also enjoy working with individuals on their personal lives to create an impact at home.

Like any relationship it requires two people to work together

What do I require?

  • Commitment
    • To the process and putting in the effort to push your boundaries and challenge yourself
  • Honesty
    • With yourself, and with me. The environment is safe and we will only go place where you feel comfortable going but to push through honesty is required
  • Your Agenda
    • I will own the process but you own the agenda. You are the sailor, captain and navigator of your world. I will assist but it is your direction
  • Trust
    • The process. Especially if you haven’t been coached before.
  • Ambitious, & a Drive To Improve
    • If you are looking at coaching there is a strong change this is you, however ask yourself and be honest. Do I really want this?
  • Engagement
    • Getting stuck in and giving their best each session. Willing to dig deep and give new experiences a go
  • Ownership
    • Of their professional or personal world, taking responsibility for actions and

What Will You Get?

  • Fun & Safe Environment
    • I believe we learn better if we’re enjoying ourselves, so I like to include an element of fun, but in a safe learning environment
  • Confidentiality
    • I follow the ICF code of ethics, and to make it work confidentiality is the foundation that holds everything else up. It allows for openness and honesty and is treated with the upmost importance
  • Challenge & Support
    • Think of it like a tight rope walker. There is a challenge which will stretch you but I am there ready with the safety net. You can make the strides at your pace and I will be there every step
  • Honesty & Accountability
    • To make it work, I will have to be honest to provide feedback in the moment, and to challenge you in a variety of ways. Each step there will be accountability. One week you’ll agree to carry out your actions, and the next session I’ll be checking in
  • Caring & Kind
    • My passion is people and getting the best out of them so they live the fulfilling lives they want. I approach all people with care & kindness


I have a background in leadership, and have worked with people on a variety of topics. You do not need to commit to anything, but if you think this could be a potential way forward lets have a chat.

Contact me for a chat to understand your current position, how I could help and if we get on well. The ball is in your court

stevie worsell coaching – Values


To be able to facilitate a breakthrough requires honest interactions, even if it can be uncomfortable. Being honest with others and myself


I believe we perform better when we are enjoying ourselves. Lets learn together whilst having fun throughout our interactions


To ensure I push myself and my clients beyond our zones of being comfortable. Provide a safe environment where we explore new things


Doing what is right in any situation no matter the bias or influence. Operate within ethical guidelines and utilise professional practices.