Stevie Worsell

Leadership & Executive Coach

Get To Know Me

What is your morning routine?

Currently read a book, run, cold shower

What music do you listen to?

Pretty much anything but favourite song is Lose Yourself – Eminem

What is your favourite season?


What are your hobbies?

Football, Golf, Reading

What is most important to you?

Health and family

Who are your favourite leaders?

My mum, my IT manager & Sir Winston Churchill

What is the best advice I have ever been given?

You have two ears and one mouth use in that order

Through leadership coaching I am here to help you to feel more secure in yourself, and build Great relationships with your team

My Story
Through progression and training as a manager I came into coaching. Like many, I never knew exactly what I wanted to do in my career but always knew it would be some form of leadership. As part of my management training I was placed on a coaching course to learn how to coach. At first I was sceptical but I quickly found a useful tool which I fell in love with and became passionate about. Why?

The positive impact it had on people I got to witness first hand. I saw them grow, become motivated and drive themselves forward unlocking their potential along the way.

I continue to find and attend new courses, and believe every day is a school day.

Why Leadership?
I never got into management because I excelled technically in my role. It was because I cared about people and wanted them to be the best version they could be and enjoy their work. It is such an interesting topic because as people, we are not the same people we were yesterday. As leaders we have to deal with that and then deal with that happening for our team, but the positive impact we can create on multiple lives is exciting and rewarding.

Through leadership coaching my mission is to grow greater leaders who get the best our their team and value them as people.

Tools & Techniques
When working within the coaching environment I bring a number of tools from my background in leadership, coaching, NLP and Emotional Intelligence. These will only be introduced if they are deemed appropriate for the coachee and the situation.

The number one reason people leave their jobs?
Isn’t money, progression or challenge but due to their manager. Together, lets change that stat!

My Coaching style

I believe fun is critical in all that we do, and paramount in successful relationships. Taking my work and profession seriously is of importance to me, but I do not take myself seriously.

The relationship between coach and coachee is like any successful relationship. It will only work when it is built upon solid foundations. The foundations require openness, honesty, trust and 100% commitment to make the process work.

With this foundation set I operate from a state of curiosity asking questions to gain further insight into the coachee for us both, and upon this insight I know the coachee will find the answers they are searching for.

A core belief of mine is that every individual has the answers. So it is just about finding those deep within through questioning, awareness and listening.

A safe space is provided as significant positive change requires us to step away from our area of comfort and stretch ourselves. To do this we require a balance of challenge and support. Think of it like someone walking across a tightrope, but there is a safety net below.

The space provided will encourage the coachee to explore areas which they may not be aware of, listen to an inner voice who they’re not familiar with and grow into the individual they want to be.

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My Top Three EQ Competencies



Relationship Skills

High quality services

I love seeing other develop, unlock their potential and live the life they deserve. My primary focus is upon developing effective people focused leaders, however I also help individuals improve their personal lives through personal coaching.

Executive coaching

Developing World-Class Leaders

This can range from a 1-hour session through to a programme of work.

Aimed for business, but the focus is upon the priority of the organisation – the people.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Living Your Best Life

When I work with clients from a personal perspective I ask for a commitment of 3 sessions.

Topics range from mindset, resilience to living a healthier lifestyle.


Providing The Training You Need

I offer many workshops including the well know RocheMartin Emotional Intelligence workshop. These workshops can be tailored to the current challenges within the organisation.

These can also be paired with coaching to embed the learning further.

My Mission

To grow leaders who are secure in themselves and build great relationships with others.

When leaders can lead feeling comfortable in who they are, then ego gets put to the side, humility blossoms and people feel valued