emotional intelligence workshop

Emotional Intelligence workshops

This emotional intelligence workshop has been developed by RocheMartin and is specifically focused on leaders.

I am able to administer & facilitate this workshop, which can have a positive impact on individuals looking at the competencies within the ECR. It is an interactive workshop and lots of interaction for the delegates.

Together we review the scientific data behind emotional intelligence and why emotional intelligence is so important, especially within leadership.

Through awareness, reflection and self-discovery this workshop explores within and allows each of the attendees to understand their EI makeup, and understand how to interact and build better relationships

emotional capital report (ECR) – Self

ECR Self Report

The Emotional Capital self report, invites and individual to provide an assessment on their own Emotional Intelligence.

It provides key insights which can be taken forward and rates each Emotional Intelligence competency based upon the initial self-assessment.

Once the assessment has been completed, the coachee & I will talk through the results, and work together through a programme of work to develop their emotional intelligence further.

With greater emotional intelligence comes greater connections, with ourselves and others. Each competency will be looked at and how it interacts with other competencies and what it could look like.


ECR 360 Report

This is simliar to the Emotional Capital Report but it provides greater insights. Whereas the self report is based upon your own results the ECR 360 provides input from your manager, yourself, direct reports, peers and others.

The information truly is golden and allows for greater insight, and further personal development areas. This allows a greater picture to be painted from different perspectives.

Raters are also provided questions and comment areas, so as well as receiving useful information to help you develop it provides specific narrative.

As with the self report, the coachee & I will setup a coaching programme of work to help further develop these areas.

Please note the ECR & ECR 360’s could be combined with the workshop and is recommended

Emotional Intelligence – A Great Skill For LEaders

Connect with self & others

There has been comments that Emotional Intelligence is more important when it comes to success than IQ. I won’t go into that debate, but I think it is clear both are of great benefit. However, those that are able to connect with others usually have a very high EI, hence why as leaders, it is a great skill to develop.

When an individual has high emotional intelligence they are able to understand themselves better, so can find ways to cope with anxiety and be more resilient with stress. They are more effective communicators both with themselves and with others. This enables them to build relationships, develop connections and empathise with those they come into contact with.

If you take a moment, and think of a leader who has had a great impact upon you, what were they really really good at?

The Ten Competencies to drive leadership success

  1. Self-Reliance
  2. Straightforwardness
  3. Optimism
  4. Self-Actualisation
  5. Self-Confidence
  6. Relationship Skills
  7. Empathy
  8. Adaptability
  9. Self-Knowing
  10. Self-Control

Growing Leaders Who Are Secure In Themselves & Build Great Relationships

What is emotional intelligence?

In recent history Emotional Intelligence became popular by an American journalist by the name of Daniel Goleman. He wrote a best selling book on the subject of emotional intelligence.

Essentially, it involves two parts. Firstly, we become aware of the emotions within ourselves and others this then drives behaviour. The second part is developing these skills to manage these emotions effectively to leverage our own personal strengths.

Ultimately, our aim is to be able to influence ourselves and others to perform a number of tasks well and achieve greater performance. This is essential in the world of leadership.

Why does it matter?

  • Professional & Personal success – I am yet to meet someone who has been able to achieve high success on their own. EI means we can build great relationships both personally and professionally.
  • Great leaders – Leaders with high EI are more likely able to retain talent within an organisation because those that work with them, want to work with them
  • Manage emotions – Imagine two leaders. One is able to manage their emotions and process them effectively whilst the other has outbursts and their emotions control them. One provides stability, the other you’re not sure. Which would you prefer to work for?
  • Culture – With high EI leaders are able to provide a culture and environment which means employees are motivated, excited, energised and able to be enthusiastic.

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