How can leadership coaching help?

Executive coaching is of great benefit to high potential employees within the organisation. As you can see from some of the benefits on the right.

Many believe leadership to be a set of skills which are required to be learned. However whilst this is partially true the skills do not matter if they are no built upon a leadership mindset. Developing the correct mindset can play a critical part in a leaders success and therefore the organisations because there has been a shift in perspective.

This is a confidential practice which allows the coachee to really open up, and when the coachee opens up to themselves and others they really can elevate themselves to a new level because they allow more vulnerability. When we have professional relationships we subconsciously place a mask or barrier up, so we don’t open up and not fully honest with ourselves and others.

Through the ability of tough, strategic questions the coachee will identify new possibilities and will be supported throughout. It is about delving deeper than the surface level and really understand what is beneath the surface.

As humans we love to be connected, and in work it is no different. Leadership coaching can improve the performance and effectiveness of the team through understanding of each other, and the ability to communicate more effectively. Then we understand healthy conflict, better communication and respect for one another beliefs and values.

Individuals benefits of Leadership coaching

  • Support new managers
  • Learning to solve their own problems, coming up with solutions to feel empowered
  • Improving managerial & interpersonal skills
  • Build confidence & self-belief
  • Improve resilience
  • Support employees who have been promoted to cope with new responsibilities
  • Help employees to sort personal issues that might otherwise affect performance at work
  • Having a positive impact on performance
  • Having greater self-awareness and gain new perspectives – mindset
  • Developing greater adaptability to change
  • Improving work-life balance
  • Reducing staff levels
  • More fulfilment in the workplace
  • Attaining a greater purpose

Organisational Benefits of LEadership coaching

  • Unlock hidden potential within the organisation
  • Keep talent engaged
  • Create a people focused culture
  • Build effective teams who perform at a world class level
  • Greater communication throughout the organisation
  • Effective conflict resolution
  • Align company values & goals
  • Better relationships
  • Improving productivity, quality, customer service and shareholder value
  • Gaining increased employee commitment and satisfaction which can lead to improved retention.
  • Demonstrate to employees that an organisation is committed to developing its staff and helping them improve their skills
  • Creating an effective coaching culture

Leadership is a skill with great responsibility

PRimary Role is to serve others

As leaders we are given great responsibility, the biggest for me is that we have the privilege to provide a positive impact upon others.

Leadership is often an under developed skill due to the lack of training provided for people in these roles. The role of a leader isn’t to be the most important or powerful person it is to ensure those in your area of responsibility are cared for, looked after and developed.

Key Challenges In Business Life

In our business lives we come across plenty of opportunities, and this, for me, is really divided into four key areas.

  1. People
    1. Do employees have the correct, and effective roles and responsibilities?
    2. Is there succession planning in place?
    3. Is effective conflict taking place?
    4. Is recruitment ensuring the right talent is coming through the door?
  2. Leadership
    1. Is a vision being generated with a purpose
    2. Do leaders conduct themselves with a calm state of mind, reflecting throughout whilst maintaining presence and awareness?
    3. Showing up as role models and living the values NOT just talking about them
    4. Accountable to themselves
  3. Culture
    1. Effective teamwork & collaboration
    2. Energised and enthusiastic
    3. Involved & empowered
    4. Recognised and acknowledged
  4. Work Processes
    1. Location for working | Hybrid, remote or in the office
    2. Customer Service
    3. Planning & Budgeting
    4. Monitoring, evaluating & reporting

Growing Leaders Who Are Secure In Themselves & Build Great Relationships

When I work with leaders we touch upon what I call the four cores. These four cores remain as part of the process throughout, ensuring we do not move away from them whilst we are on the journey together.

The coaching is a journey, one which will bring challenge and reward. It will bring growth and new ways of thinking.

Through tools, techniques and resources we will delve into the mindset of a leader ensuring you have empowering thought patterns which are effective in the world of leadership. Identify the communication you are using internally & externally both verbal and non-verbal and develop your emotional intelligence.

Keeping these four cores close to us means we can be consistent and effective with ourselves and our people:

  • Mindset – Before skillset comes mindset. Mindset is the foundation that the rest of leadership is built upon. The thought patterns and perceptions that got us to this point have done their job. Have you developed the mindset of leadership?
  • Connection – The connection within myself, and the connection with others. The first true connection we need to get right is with ourselves. If there is a chance of disconnect, this could impact upon the relationship with others
  • Vulnerability – This is what makes us human and allows others to see that we are just another person. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable we display confidence and give space for growth
  • Mindful – This is what ensures we are present in the moment, it allows for greater communication with ourselves and others. It enables us, as leaders, to remain grounded and not get carried away.

the coaching process

  • Initial Discussion
    The first step in the process will be for us to have a chat to discuss what is happening currently, and what the expectations could be. This is also a great opportunity to determine how the relationship could work

fees and packages

start your Leadership coaching journey today

The initial conversation is on me. This is an opportunity for us to discuss the current situation, what you are looking to achieve and whether we are the right fit for one another. We’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements and work with you to get started on your journey. Let’s build something together!