I offer a range of workshops, which can be provided on their own as an individual piece of work or combined with coaching to get the maximum impact.

These are designed to be able to give others an understanding of the topic and take away tools and techniques that they can put into practice straight away.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

roche martin – ECR

This workshop is the well known RocheMartin emotional capital workshop. This can be delivered as a stand alone workshop but to get the full benefit from this it is highly recommended to have this alongside coaching.

Prior to this workshop each attendee will need to complete an ECR (Emotional Capital Report) this can either be a self-assessment of the full 360 assessment.

This workshop will allow you to understand your own EQ (Emotional Quotient), how to develop it and how to understand others better too.

changing your mindset towards time

time management

Your time is the most valuable asset you own, but is usually the one thrown away far too easily. If someone asked us for £30 we may take some time to consider it. Perhaps even probe to ask why they need it. However, when asked for 30-minutes we are too quick to accept.

This workshops explores tools they can be used within time management. It looks at techniques to understand how we may view time. By the end, hopefully, your mindset towards time will change and moving forwards you’ll use it more effectively.

Changing your mindset towards time

Communicate with confidence

Communicate with confidence


Want to develop effective communication? There are many barriers to effective communication, but it is a big belief of mine that the main barrier is the one between our ears. Once we develop confidence with can develop effective communication skills.

If you want to know how to develop effectively, then this workshop could prove useful for you or your team



Conflict costs companies millions of pounds per year because it continues unresolved. Do you want to know how to develop conflict resolution skills?

It isn’t to avoid conflict, in face conflict is important for growth and finding new ways forward. However it must be effective conflict.

This workshop will work with the TKI model, and each attendee will have their own TKI assessments presented to them. If you want to build your conflict resolution skills and develop a more empowering mindset this workshop could prove an invaluable use of your time.

Effective Conflict Resolution

the process

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